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With VAF Player you will be able to organize all your music and videos in the same program, maintaining all the files in their original locations!

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Find all those files of internet videos that you want to watch and add them to your playlists to view them in a more organized way.

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With VAF Player you will be able to organize and sort the audios and videos of your favorite artist, and have them all in the same program and in the same playlist!

They’ve commented:

"Until now, the disorder had always ruled in the multimedia files of my hard disk, as I used to save some files in the downloads, others in my music nowadays I still do it the same way, but with VAFPLAYER I can create my own playlists and the program takes charge of playing the files, independently from their locations. An incredible program"

Peter Doherty. Loveland, Colorado

“It is fantastic! Now with VAF PLAYER I can organize the series I watch in streaming mode and arrange them into a playlist in order to watch episode by episode, without having to search for them each time I want to watch a new episode. I can also combine these episodes with my own music.”

Mark Stevens. Dayton, Ohio

“I adore streaming videos that talk about beauty advices. What I find bothering is having to find the same videos all the time. Now with VAF Player, every time I see a video that Iím interested in, I save it in my playlist. I also have created a playlist about hairstyles, another one about makeup, and so on. This way I organize what I want to see in categories, and VAF Player takes charge of organizing my playlists! I love it!”

Jessica Holland. Malvern, Arkansas

“Always changing from one program to another... One doesn't play wav, the other one doesn't play avi... finally i have found a program in which I can play audio and video with the same quality! There are 36 different formats available! I can also combine different formats in the same list without having to use video or audio converters. For me, it's definitely the only program i'm going to use from now on!”

William Brown. Durham, North Carolina

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